Before joining the R5 Family and being a member of the R5 Nation, you must first read and agree to the rules below. Once you have read and agreed to the rules, then you can register.
  1. You must be a fan of R5. Why else would you join?
  2. You must supply a name, email, and country when joining. All other fields are optional.
  3. You must use your real name, not a nickname, surname, or anything of that sort.
  4. A website is not required, but if you have one, please put a code up on your site right before or after applying or your website will not be listed.
  5. Inappropriate content will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances.
  6. Please don't direct link. It's not nice and uses up my bandwidth.
  7. Please keep your information current. If any of your information changes, or if you wish to be removed from the listing, please fill out this form.


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